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Atrocity Exhibition

Introductions by Russell Brand & Henry A. Giroux

The Atrocity Exhibition is a collection of writings, reflections, and interviews from political philosopher and critical theorist Brad Evans, written between 2010 and 2017. Evans collaborates with and interviews Simon Critchley, Julian Reid, Adrian Parr, Henry Giroux, Grace Pollock, Tyler Pollard, and Victoria Harper in his considerations of our era of violence and confusion. 

Watch Russell Brands video endorsement:

What has really changed in the way we conceive violence after September 11, 2001? With a gripping and immediate pace of dialogue, Brad Evans leads the reader into the heart of this debate, showing with deep meaning and critical insight what it means to live in times that leave us all “dangerously exposed"

Simona Forti

Brad Evans is one of those rare thinkers who continue to show that our contemporary predilection for fear is a vain reification of the very violence we reject. Ignore Evans at your own peril.

Jake Chapman


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