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As the projects co-director, Brad Evans will be hosting the full compliment of public talks and panels accompanying the State of Disappearance Art Show, which will be held at Centrespace art gallery in Bristol between Oct 28 and Nov 8, 2023.  

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Webinar series with the Philosopher

Events will run 7-8pm UK time/2-3pm ET

Registration details will be available at the Philosophers website two weeks before the commencement: 

The Story of the Disappeared
Professor Brad Evans & Chantal Meza
Tue 17 October 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm BST
Hybrid Event
£3.00 – £6.00

How are we to account for the violence of a human disappearance, and what does the violence of a political disappearance tell us about both the organisation of power within an individual regime, and the fears we internalise as citizens? A discussion between Professor Brad Evans, and Mexican abstract painter Chantal Meza, takes the notion of the ‘disappeared’ and engages the audience in an open conversation on what might by many be considered one of the more pernicious forms of violence.

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