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Journal Article

Art from the future! Coauthored article with Chantal Meza published in The Philosophical Salon. 

April 5th 2021

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New Book

Brad Evans co-curated book "Conversations On Violence is Published by Pluto Press.

March 21st 2021


Journal Article

Co-authored article published in nY on the relationship between violence & peace. 

Feb 2nd 2021

Podcast Guest

Inaugural guest on the new "Thinkers Dialogue" podcast discussing violence and society.  

January 2nd 2021


Television guest

Feature guest on TRT World the Newsmakers discussing the year in review.  

December 21st 2020

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Newspaper Article

Article published in the Times (UK) discussing the education of white working class boys. 

October 28th 2020


Academic Article

Academic article titled 'Myths of Violence" published in Journal of Humanitarian Affairs. 

August 1st 2020

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Podcast Guest

Guest on Russell Brand's podcast "Under the Skin" discussing the start of the global pandemic. 

March 24th 2020


LARB: Srecko Horvat

Conversation in LARB series on "Apocalypse now" with critical philosopher Srecko Horvat.

April 5th 2021


LARB: Vincent Brown

Conversation in LARB series on "Violence, Power & Privilege" with Harvard Professor, Vincent Brown.

March 1st 2021


Media Article

Media Article published in Counterpunch on the relationship between Trump and tech giants. 

Jan 12th 2021

Most Read!

The Quarantine files is the 2nd most read feature/article for the LA Review of Books in 2020!

January 1st 2020


Academic Article

Academic article titled "The Shame of Being Human" published in Journal of Literary Studies.

December 1st 2020


Podcast Launch

Launch of the new Talking Violence podcast created and hosted by Brad Evans. 

September 1st 2020

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Television Guest

Feature guest on TRT Newsmakers along with Simon Critchley discussing the pandemic. 

May 20th 2020

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Book Chapter

New Chapter on the work of Paul Virilio & technology published in book 'Dromologie" 

March 22nd 2021

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Feature Video

In collaboration with Heni Talks, Brad Evans narrates an educational film on "Degenerate Art"

Feb 15th 2021


Education Article

Article published in Times Higher Education on cultural wars on university campuses. 

January 4th 2021


LARB: Isaac Cordal

Conversation in LARB series on violence with renowned artist Isaac Cordal. 

December 28th 2020

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Academic Article

Academic article titled 'American Fascism: Fourteen Deadly Principles" published in journal Symploke. 

November 1st 2020

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LARB: Fatima Bhutto

Conversation in LARB series on violence with author and activist Fatima Bhutto. 

August 3rd 2020

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Quarantine Files

Brad Evans brings together 25 leading thinkers and artists for the LARB Quarantine files. 

April 14th 2020