Directed Productions

Ten Years of Terror

Directed by Brad Evans & Simon Critchley. Screened at Solomon Guggenheim Museum, New York, 2011 

Disposable Life

Brad Evans co-directed a filmed project to rethink the meaning of mass violence. This is a short segement - full details here

The State We're In.....

Short animation on the current state of global politics. Written & narrated by Brad Evans. Produced June. 2017



Under The Skin 


Featured Guest on the Under the Skin

Having been the inaugural guest on Russell Brand's podcast Under the Skin, which debuted at No.1 on the iTunes podcast charts (a position it held for over 1 week), Brad frequently appears o the show, whilst serving as an academic advisor. 

Brad has featured in the following episodes:

No.1: Can we really stop terror? 

What does it mean to be human in the 21st century? In this first show Russell Brand speaks with Dr Brad Evans about how the liberation of prejudice and emergence of a politics of hate and division has led to the the normalisation of violence and in turn to perpetual ‘terror'.

No. 8: Is Democracy Busted? 

Does politics matter? Dr Brad Evans and Russell Brand discuss the snap UK election, how to reimagine a better future and what real radical politics looks like.

No.12: Manchester: Can Terror ever be stopped?

Dr Brad Evans, Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain and Russell Brand reflect on the tragic events in Manchester and ask how we can break the cycle of violence.

No. 14: Is it Stupid to Vote for peace?

Dr Brad Evans, veteran activist and anti-war campaigner Lindsey German & Russell Brand discuss how violence has been normalised to the point where as voters we’ve not only become desensitised to it, but have been taught to desire it from our leaders.

No. 26: Is the Solution to Addiction Spiritual Connection? 

Dr Brad Evans gets under the skin of Russell Brand regarding his new book “Recovery”. They discuss the age of addiction, the ability to be liberated from our unhealthy habits and the overwhelming need for human connection.

No. 69: Finding Joy Amidst Fascism & Violence

Professors Brad Evans & Henry A. Giroux join Russell Brand to discuss the contemporary nature of fascism and Violence in the world.

Under the Skin is available to download free on iTunes here or can also be listened to on Art19 here.


The Trews
Brad Evans has also featured as a guest on a number of Russell Brand's "True News" series The Trews analysing the reporting of different social and political issues & world events.

Featured Guest on the Trews

Brad Evans appears as featured guest on Russell Brand's The Trews, June 6th 2017.

Featured Guest on the Trews

Brad Evans appears as featured guest on Russell Brand's The Trews, April 24th 2017.

Featured Guest on the Trews

Brad Evans appears as featured guest on Russell Brand's The Trews, May 22nd 2017.

Featured Guest on the Trews

Brad Evans appears as featured guest on Russell Brand's The Trews, April 25th 2017.

Featured on the Trews

Brad Evans work from his book Liberal Terror featured on Russell Brand's The Trews, Feb 10th 2017.


Disposable Lives

Keynote lecture at Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC), Mexico City, 2017.


Lectures, Talks & Interviews

Quarantine Files

Featured Guest with Simon Critchley on TRT, Newsmakers. May 2020. 

Violence & the Art of the Political

Keynote lecture for Evans Foundation Conflict Matters event, London, 2017.

New Pain, Old Demons

Roundtable at the ICRC in Geneva 2017 in support of the victims of torture

Insecurity, Pedagogy & Resistance

Lecture Given at McMaster University, 2016

Intolerable Violence

Lecture Given at McMaster University, 2015

A Beautiful Death

Roundtable talk at Opera North 2015

Youth as Object of Power

Lecture Given at Mcmaster University 2013

Ten Years of Terror 

Short lecture featured with The Guardian, UK, September 2011.


Big Questions

The Big Questions

Brad Evans appeared as a feature guest on flagship BBC One program The Big Questions, discussing the ethics of the arms trade and discourses on obesity. Screened live on Sunday March 11th, 2018. 

Available here





Radio & Podcasts


Interview on New Zealand Terror Attacks (BBC Radio, March 21st 2019)

Feature Guest discussing The Atrocity Exhibition (This is Hell, March 2nd 2019) 

Feature Guest discussing Violence & Neoliberalism (Left Anchor, Dec 4th 2018)


Interview on Disposable Futures (KBOO, Political Perspectives, Sept 23rd 2015) 


Interview on 70th Anniversary of Bombings of Hiroshima (BBC Radio Bristol, Aug 6th 2015)


Interview, The Gary Null Show (WBAI, Aug 30th 2015)


Contributor, The Lifecycle of a Bullet (BBC Radio 4, Sept 2nd 2012)