Media Articles

Brad Evans continues to write for many news media platforms around the world. Below are links to a number of recently featured articles over the past year. 


February 2nd 2021

Co-authored article published in nY on the relationship between violence & peace. 

The Times

October 22nd 2020

Article published in the Times (UK) discussing the education of white working class boys. 

The Independent

March 12th 2020

Article in The Independent, UK on the outbreak of the pandemic and history of racism. 


January 12th 2021

Article published in Counterpunch on the relationship between Trump and tech giants. 

Philosophical Salon

June 15th 2020

Philosophical reflection on the covid pandemic and how its led to new thinking on silence and death.  

Times Higher Education

January 4th 2021

Article published in Times Higher Education on cultural wars on university campuses. 


May 8th 2020

"This is not a conspiracy its a terrifying opportunity". Article on pandemic.