Under the Skin 

With Russell Brand

Having been the inaugural guest on Russell Brand's internationally renowned and celebrated podcast Under the Skin (which debuted at No.1 on the iTunes podcast charts (a position it held for over 1 week), Brad is a frequent guest on the show. A selection of video recordings are featured below. 

Russell Brand, Brad Evans

Featured Guest on the Under the Skin

Brad Evans was the inaugural guest on Russell Brand's podcast Under the Skin, which debuted at No.1 on the iTunes podcast charts (a position it held for over 1 week). He has since featured in the following episodes:

No.1: Can we really stop terror? 

What does it mean to be human in the 21st century? In this first show Russell Brand speaks with Dr Brad Evans about how the liberation of prejudice and emergence of a politics of hate and division has led to the the normalisation of violence and in turn to perpetual ‘terror'.

No. 8: Is Democracy Busted? 

Does politics matter? Dr Brad Evans and Russell Brand discuss the snap UK election, how to reimagine a better future and what real radical politics looks like.

No.12: Manchester: Can Terror ever be stopped?

Dr Brad Evans, Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain and Russell Brand reflect on the tragic events in Manchester and ask how we can break the cycle of violence.

No. 14: Is it Stupid to Vote for peace?

Dr Brad Evans, veteran activist and anti-war campaigner Lindsey German & Russell Brand discuss how violence has been normalised to the point where as voters we’ve not only become desensitised to it, but have been taught to desire it from our leaders.

No. 26: Is the Solution to Addiction Spiritual Connection? 

Dr Brad Evans gets under the skin of Russell Brand regarding his new book “Recovery”. They discuss the age of addiction, the ability to be liberated from our unhealthy habits and the overwhelming need for human connection.

No. 69: Finding Joy Amidst Fascism & Violence

Professors Brad Evans & Henry A. Giroux join Russell Brand to discuss the contemporary nature of fascism and Violence in the world.

No. 121: Corona Revolution: Plagues & Power

At the start of the Covid pandemic, Brad Evans and Russell Brand talk about the dangers of overt securitisation, militarism and race. 

No. 214: Are we in a Totalitarian Regimes

In the conversation Brad Evans & Russell Brand discuss the state of the world today, including the power of Big-Tech and the onset of what he calls the Planetary Techno-theodicy.  

Under the Skin is available on luminary. For full details visit Russell Brand's website here.