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Art Projects

Film: Ten Years of Terror

Directed film that was screened in Solomon Guggenheim Museum, New York. September 2011.


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State of Disappearance

Art project on human disappearance in collaboration with Mexican based artist Chantal Meza. 


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Photographs taken by Brad Evans featuring various subjects, including darklight series. 

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Poem - The Explosion of Fate.

A poem featured in art installation at Zacatecas, Mexico, in collaboration with Chantal Meza. 

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Poem - Time

A poem on the meaning of time. Published in the critical anthology "Rendering Unconscious" in 2019.

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Poem -  Never

A poem that explores the concept of finality and the idea that a final gesture defines a life.

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Poem - Alone

A poem that address the violence of loneliness in recognition of those who die alone. 


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Poem - November 11

A poem written  in response to the 2016 U.S. election. Published in "Rendering Unconscious" anthology. 


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